PH3 Outstation Run @ Lanta Island

April 27, 28 & 29, 2018

Outstation Run 2018 Information

What's This About?

This PH3 event is a 3-day / 2-night weekend held outside Phuket island. This special event is a fun get-away-from-Phuket weekend and all PH3 members and soon-to-be members are invited to join. If you're new to our Hash you'll find this is a great way to meet other Hashers!!

We will be staying at the Dream Team Beach Resort on Koh Lanta Yai (Big Lanta Island). Click here to visit the Dream Team Beach Resort website. We will have this resort to ourselves, so sign up NOW!

NOTE: There will be a regular Sat run held in Phuket for those not going on the outstation run.

What's The Process?

  • Registration is 500 THB per person for hash members, hash partners and our known Sat. Hash visitors. Children under 12-years-old register for 200 THB.
  • You must register AND PAY MINIMUM 1,000 THB DEPOSIT NOW for this outstation weekend. Register/Pay to Fungus or Not Cleaver at our Saturday run-registration table or see them personally. To guarantee your room choice the full payment is required. The final reservation/payment date is April 14th @ our Songkran day run. (Please pay early if you can.)
  • This is what you get for your 500 Baht.
  • A great Saturday run and Sunday morning recovery run. (Hares: Manneken Pis, Fungus, Not Long Enough--it just doesn't get any better!)
  • Run Credit for Run #1682.
  • Superb custom T-shirt.
  • Pig Roast Buffet on Saturday after the run.
  • After-dinner beach music on Saturday.
  • 60 baht beers from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday (pay as you drink).
  • 60 baht beers for the Sunday run & circle (pay as you drink).
  • A 10% discount on food when ordering from the menue AND Hash discounts on bottles of wine.
  • This is what you don't get for your 500 Baht.
  • Transportation: You must arrange your transportation. Driving is about 5 hours, ferry is about 4 hours from Rassada pier in Phuket to Saladan pier on Lanta plus another 30 min to the resort, speedboat is 1 hr 30 min from Rassada pier to Saladan pier.
  • Your Bungalow: You must pay to the hash and we'll reserve for you.
  • Daytime food: Order from the resort menue @ 10% discount for our Hash.
  • Dogs: You can't bring them to this resort, not even for the circle. Leave them home or find another resort.

Bungalow Choices

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: A correction in the total number of units/type has been made by the resort on 19 March. They have 10 fewer Garden Air-con units than first reported (and on 20 April reduced by another 2 units!). We have made arrangements with the Sea Sun Bungalows next door to use as overflow. The units are air-con and priced the same. We appreciate your understanding & assistance.
  • Garden View Fan Bungalow: 400 THB/night, 1/8 units still available.
  • Garden View Air-con Bungalow: 700 THB/night, 0/26 (FULLY Booked - no units available).
  • Overflow Air-con Bungalow @ Sea Sun: 700 THB/night, 2/8 units still available.
  • Family Bungalow: Four people, 1,500 THB/night, 0/4 (FULLY Booked - no units available).
  • Sea View Pool Bungalow: 900 THB/night, 0/6 (FULLY Booked - no units available).
  • Premium Suite Beach Front: 1,500 THB/night, 0/6 (FULLY Booked - no units available).
  • Extra nights: If you rerserve in front you can stay extra nights, before or after, at our PH3 discounted price if you let us know and pay early.
  • AVAILABILITY: All bungalows are available on a first-paid-for, first-served basis. Don't wait!
  • All prices are per bungalow for up to two adults and one child (except family bungalow units).
  • Please make reservations through PH3 only. This is a must for the resort.
  • If you haven't registered, and you won't be on our next run please email Fungus and let him know you want to register for the outstation run. Include bungalow type you want, your group's hash names (or names) and shirt sizes.

Getting There

A van with 12 riders is 400 THB/person/way. We now have one van booked for 12 riders departing from Patong Expat. We have opened a list for a second van so please adivse us ASAP if you want a seat. Payment of 800 baht (round trip) will be required in advance.

(One-way distance is 263km) After the Sarasin bridge continue toward Phang Nga and Krabi on Rt 402. (Approximately 5 km past the bridge stay in the RIGHT-HAND lane of the junction or you'll be headed to Khao Lak.) At approximately 10 km after the bridge merge into Rt 4 and you'll continue on Rt 4 eastward through Phang Nga past Krabi eventually turning RIGHT on Rt 4026 headed to Lanta Island. You must purchase your ferry ticket about 200 meters before the terminal, on the left. From the ferry onto Lanta Noi to the bridge across to Lanta Yai island is 5km. Midway along this distance make a LEFT (HHH) (There is a large overhead blue sign also and this is the main traffic flow). After the bridge at your first junction turn RIGHT (HHH). When entering Sala Dan town turn LEFT (HHH). About 3.3km before the resort you'll turn RIGHT (HHH) just past a Tesco/Lotus & 7/11 on your right. Note 1: From the bridge exit to the resort is 25km. NOTE 2: Just beyond Krabi you'll start to see continuous overhead blue signs with pictures directing you to Lanta island.
Resort Location: 7°31'10.3"N 99°03'30.9"E  /  7.519539°, 99.058586°
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Consider Car-Pooling and sharing the fuel costs!

From Rassada Pier in Phuket City you can take a ferry and arrive in Lanta island in about 4 hours depending on the ferry choice. The resort provides transport from the Lanta ferry terminal to their resort for 450 THB/van, up to 12 people -- or take a tuk-tuk or 3-wheel motorbike taxi.

NOTE: Here are some ferry prices and times. Booking is done online and in advance is wise, especially for the fast ferry (speedboat).

Click to view Andaman Ferry Service: 4 hours, 800 baht/person, one way
Phuket (Rassada Pier )-Koh Lanta (Saladan Pier)
Dep. 08:30 AM - Arr. 12:30 PM (4.00 Hrs.)
Speedboat: Phuket (Rassada Pier )-Koh Lanta (Saladan Pier)
Dep. 08:30 AM - Arr. 10:00 AM (1.30 Hrs.)

Returns are available departing Koh Lanta @ 08:00, 13:00 (ferry and speedboat), same prices as going.

Click to view Phuket Ferry Service: which offers a few variations to Andaman Ferry Service and slightly different pricing & times. They offer a speedboat, 1 hr 30 min., for 1,275 baht and also pickup service.

On-route assistance call:
Fungus @ 089.973.3483 (Eng)
Lucky Lek @ 084.715.6917 (Thai, Eng, Spanish, Korean)
Dream Team Resort @ 089.586.4091, 075.662.552 (Thai)

Other Details

We recommend bringing along swim gear as there should be enough time following the run and before the circle for a quick dip in the sea then take a fresh-water shower and a dip in the pool. Everyone is asked to wear their new shirt for the circle.

NOTE: For all meals other than Saturday evening everyone is asked to order their food directly from the menu. You will have a 10% discount on food.

Please check back for updates & new information.