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Well it's July… Time to boot your GM up the arse… and welcome in the new Grand Master and his team.

Come join us at the Expat Hotel, Patong for your AGPU.

Registration from 4PM...Free beer starts at 5PM....Get your ticket at registration from Murkury for your free AGPU shirt for those that have 5 runs under Not Clever or 100 Runs in total (Others will be Pay as you go… See the GM)

Superb buffet after the circle with dancing till late to live music.

So say bye bye to your GM and his bell (or anything else your feel is appropriate) and see in the new Hash year.

ON ON.....And over and out...GM NOT CLEAVER

Free Bus Pickup From Kamala @ Black Cat: 15:30.
Leaving the Expat Hotel at 22:00.

PH3 Saturday Hash

PH3 Run #1643      Saturday 29 July 2017      Run Start Time: 16:00 PM

Hares: No Hope, Singha

Location: Cherngtalay, Soi 1
From Heroines Monument go West approx 6.3 km towards Cherng Talay. Turn left at the temple just after Lady Pie (HHH sign) and follow the track for approximately 300m. Laager is on the left (HHH sign).

From Cherng Talay Police Station head East towards Heroines Monument for approximately 1.6 km and turn right at the Temple (HHH Sign) follow the track as above. Beer truck will be marked.

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Date Hash Run Hares Location
02 Aug 17 Tinmen 347 Chicken George, Murkury, Too Old To Fuck Kathu - Red mountain Area
OnOn at "Hole in One" in Kathu
Location: From Kathu Caltex traffic lights go towards Loch Palm Golf Course and do a U-turn at the next traffic lights (the Kathu waterfall turn), then turn in first left (Estate entrance), bar is immediately on the left.

Rawai Minibus.

14.45 Asia Bar Rawai
14.55 Homepro Village
15.00 PTT Station
15.10 We Cafe
Bus Kamala 14:45 Patong 15:15 Kathu 15:40
Mini Bus Asia: 14.45 Homepro: 14.55 PTT: 15.00 We: 15.10
05 Aug 17 PHHH 1644 Fungus, Once Weekly, Twice Nightly Patong Viewpoint
At the south end of Nanai road by the bridge turn up the Hill (HHH sign) and head up Hasip Pee Road for approximately 300m. Turn right up the small concrete road (HHH sign) and drive up to the Viewpoint. Park to one side of the road. Beer Truck will be signed.
Bus Kamala 15:00 Patong 15:30
09 Aug 17 Iron Pussy 169 Tbc Location: Tbc
12 Aug 17 PHHH 1645 Who The Fuck Is Alice, Kiss My Ring Rawai - Soi Suksan 2
From Chalong circle travel southwards and make a U-TURN at the traffic lights at Soi Sayuan (2.3km from Chalong Circle). Continue back northwards past the Green Lemon fuel station (600 meters). Between Family Market and 7-Eleven turn LEFT HHH into Soi Suksan 2. Follow along approximately 0.8 km, Laager on the left side.
Bus Kamala 14:15 Patong 14:45
13 Aug 17 Pooying 329 Tbc Location: Tbc
19 Aug 17 PHHH 1646 Lucky Lek, Gorgeous You Wanker, What-a-rat Vichit - Flying Hangman
From south - travel north on Chaofah west Rd and turn left at Honda dealership (back road to Prince of Songkla University) Continue 1.3km to gravel quarry on left just after concrete mixing plant and enter at HHH sign. Follow gravel road approx 200m to laager.
From north - travel south on Chaofah west Rd from Central Shopping 2.7km and turn right at traffic lights with Honda Dealership on your right. Continue as above
From west - at the start of the dual carriageway road leaving Prince of Songkla Uni continue approx 2km and make a U-turn and return to entrance of gravel quarry HHH sign and continue as above. (If you dont know this back road, continue to Central Shopping centre and turn right onto Chaofah West Rd)
Bus Kamala 14:30 Patong 15:00
20 Aug 17 Bike 159 Agpu Trail Commitee Location: Tbc
26 Aug 17 PHHH 1647 The Mighty Quim Location: Tbc
29 Aug 17 Kamala Koma 179 Tbc Location: Tbc
02 Sep 17 PHHH 1648 Murkury Location: Tbc
06 Sep 17 Tinmen 348 Fungus, Not Long Enough Location: Tbc
09 Sep 17 PHHH 1649 Manneken Pis, Poke The Payroll Location: Tbc
13 Sep 17 Iron Pussy 170 Tbc Location: Tbc
16 Sep 17 PHHH 1650 No Hope, Singha Thalang Showgrounds
Head north from Heroines Monument towards Thalang. At the main traffic lights in Thalang turn left back towards Cherng Talay (NO HHH sign). After approximately 600 m turn right on the sharp bend (HHH sign), follow the road towards the airport for approximately 900m and turn left into the Showgrounds (HHH sign). Follow the road around to the laager. Beer Truck will be marked. Dog washing facilities available.

From Cherng Talay turn left at the police station traffic lights and head towards Thalang. Turn left at the sharp bend marked as the airport shortcut just before entering Thalang (HHH sign) Follow the road as above.
Bus Patong 14.30 Kamala 15.00
17 Sep 17 Pooying 330 Manneken Pis Location: Tbc
23 Sep 17 PHHH 1651 Tequila Slapper, Butt-cycle, Fungus Location: Tbc
24 Sep 17 Bike 160 Shit.com, Mr. Bean, Fukthong Location: Tbc
26 Sep 17 Kamala Koma 180 Singha, No Hope Location: Tbc
30 Sep 17 PHHH 1652 Ejackulator, Creature From The Blue Lagoon Location: Tbc
04 Oct 17 Tinmen 349 Tbc Location: Tbc
07 Oct 17 PHHH 1653 Murkury Location: Tbc
11 Oct 17 Iron Pussy 171 Tbc Location: Tbc
14 Oct 17 PHHH 1654 Mcfuehrer, Butt-cycle Cherngtalay

Bus Patong 14.45 Kamala 15:15
15 Oct 17 Pooying 331 Tbc Location: Tbc
21 Oct 17 PHHH 1655 Baldylocks, Yaba, Jaws Location: Tbc
22 Oct 17 Bike 161 Visit Phuket Mountain Bike Website for details.
28 Oct 17 PHHH 1656 Gorgeous You Wanker, Lucky Lek, What-a-rat Location: Tbc
31 Oct 17 Kamala Koma 181 Tbc Location: Tbc
01 Nov 17 Tinmen 350 Manneken Pis, Tootsie Location: Tbc
04 Nov 17 PHHH 1657 Singha, No Hope Tanyapura
Continue north from the traffic lights in the center of Thalang for approx 2.4km.  Approx 300m before the Old Airport Road Traffic lights take the U turn (No HHH sign) and come back towards Thalang for 400m (NO U-Turn at the lights allowed).

Turn left at the HHH sign and head east for 2.8 km. Turn right just before the pylons (HHH sign) and the laager is in the date palms.

Park in the date palms, NOT in the vegetable garden by the pylon. Beer Truck will be marked.
Bus Patong 14.30 Kamala 15:00

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