The Bus to and from the Saturday hash has been temporarily stopped until further notice.

At the moment, Phuket hashers should think about do the same system as South Phuket hashers. Get together with hashers in your area, exchange emails and find out how to go with a minibus. There will be some benefits such as faster home after a hash run, cheaper price, appointment departure from your area and lager site. 


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Saturday 11 July 2020 Run Start Time: 16:00 PM - Run #1783
Phuket Hash House Harriers "A Drinking Club With A Running Problem"

Location: Kathu - Tessaban One School nearby Phuket Mining Museum

From Kathu Caltex station toward Loch Palm Golf continue past Kathu Waterfall light approximately 400 m then turn LEFT toward British International School & Phuket Mining Museum. Continue 3.8 km and turn RIGHT HHH into School area & laager site.
From Rt 402 turn on Rt 3030 continue past British International school toward Loch Palm. Beyond the Mining Museum 100 m turn LEFT HHH into the Tessaban school & laager site.

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Sunday 12 July 2020 Run Start Time: 15:00 PM - Run #361
Phuket Pooying Picnic Hash "The most dangerous hash on the island."

Location: Ban Manik - Behind the Temple

From Heroines monument drive West towards Cherngtalay approximately 2.23 km turning LEFT HHH through the large gold & red temple gate then on for 1.15 km and turn RIGHT HHH to laager in the rubber.
Coming from the west coast drive through Cherngtalay past the police station toward Heroines Monument. Exiting the town of Manik turn RIGHT HHH at the large red & gold temple gate just before the road divider starts. Continue as above.