Saturday 27 April 2019 Run Start Time: 16:00 PM - Run #1734
Phuket Hash House Harriers "A Drinking Club With A Running Problem"

Location: Top of Thalang Hills

Head east from heroines monument just under 4 kms. Turn left almost opposite the Yamoo turn off before the mosque. (signed)
Stay on that tarmac road for 3 kms up to the top of the steep hill. Then turn left for almost 1km (signed) to the laager.
Its a small laager by road just enough for the beer truck to reverse into and the circle. So dont park there. All Park on one side of the tarmac road. Leave room for the rego and georgeous food truck near the circle.
Another Great SC run a lot of virgin trail.

Bus Pickup Schedule

  • Patong @ Expat Hotel: 14.30
  • Kamala @ Aussie Pub: 15:00
  • Chalong
Tuesday 30 April 2019 Run Start Time: 16:00 PM - Run #199
Kamala Koma Hash House Harriers "A very secretive hash located somewhere in Kamala near Baan Rim Klong."

Location: Not Kamala

Flat walk / run in the Talang Showgrounds area, followed by a great circle; On On at kamala.
Patong Pick up @ 2.30
Kamala Pick up @ 3.00

Wednesday 01 May 2019 Run Start Time: 16:00 PM
Run #369
Phuket Tinmen Hash House Harriers "A two legged hash for men with a penchant for food,
drinking and hashing, but not necessarily in that order."

Location: Cherng Talay

1. On On is at Swedish Bakery, Master Baker's Restaurant in Kamala.
There will be a pick up at the Restaurant at 15.05 .
2. The Bus timings are as follows:
Expat Hotel Patong 14.30
Aussie Pub Kamala 15.00
3. There will be a pickup at the Little Expat Kathu at 14.20. This will be a pick up Truck.
4. Thanks to Jaws for organising transportation from the South. Timings from the South:
Shakers - 13.40
Asia Bar - 13.45
Homepro - 13.55
PTT - 14.00
Aussie Pub Kamala 15.00

13 June
  Run Start Time: 05:00 PM
AGPU 2019

Location: Expat Hotel in Patong

More info regarding time, etc., will follow in due course