Iron Pussy HHH Phuket "Ladies only"

About the Iron Pussy

The Iron Pussy hashes take place on the second Wednesday of every month and the fun mixture of Thais and expats often results in mayhem of a slightly drunken nature. It is strictly women only, no men and no kids. There is a bus which picks up from the Black Cat's Bar in Kamala, the Expat Hotel in Patong and the Little Expat in Kathu.  Check the hareline for times. Run fees are 500 Baht which includes bus and food. The run starts at 4 PM, the bus normally starts its return journey at 9 PM. The runs are traditionally A-B, because of this people are asked to use the bus rather than drive on their own as the bus doesn't return to the starting point.

The Iron Pussy's first run was in 2003 and was organised by Mud Pie and Fishballs. Thank-you girls you started something really special.

Visit the Hareline page for upcoming run dates.

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